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Effective Back Exercises and Tips for Beginners

A dumbbell is the best equipment for beginners in back exercises. The reason for this is to make sure both sides of your back will be proportional with each other which most barbell exercises cannot.

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Effective back exercises and tips for Beginners


Are you interested in having the popularly called “human wings”? Or are you curious to know how to get a “V-Shaped” body? Well, these two terms best describe a trained back muscle. The back muscle is the biggest muscle in human body that can be trained and enhanced. training this muscle would improve your body posture that would help you in your daily activities. You will be able to prevent your body from slouching. This would provide you a boost in confidence because of that smart appearance.  In bodybuilding, your back muscle is very important in all of the lifting exercises. To start developing your back muscle, here are back exercises you need to be oriented to.


Bent-Over Barbell Row


The Bent-Over Barbell row contributes in developing your middle back muscles. To begin with the exercise, you need to have a barbell according to your desired weight. You need to position you legs with a horse standing stance (Feet facing forward, Parallel with each other, and at least half a meter apart from each other). You keep your back straight and at an almost parallel position to the floor. Have a good grip on the barbell then you pull it up until the bar reaches near your waist. After the bar reaches your waist, you slowly stretch your arms back down leaving the barbell to hanging with your arms carrying it. You do this motion repeatedly until you meet your desired repetitions.


Seated Cable Row


The Seated cable row is a comfortable back Exercise for beginners. You need a cable row machine to this. You position yourself by seating on the bench. You position your back straight and your chest forward. You position your feet forward at keep your knees slightly bent. To begin the exercise, you need to pull the bar attached on the cable until it reaches your waist. You then stretch your arms back to the original position then you do the pulling again. You keep repeating this motion until you complete your required repetitions.


Cable Pull Down/Pull-up


The Cable Pull Down aims to develop your middle back muscles. You need to have a cable pull down machine for this exercise. To begin with the exercise, you position yourself on the machine seat. You then have a good grip on the pull-up bar. You simply pull down the bar until it reaches near your chest then you return the bar to its original position on top. You keep repeating this Exercise until you complete your required repetition. The pull up on the other hand is to simply hang yourself on a pull-up bar as you carry your weight with your arms and back strength. The difference between a pull-up and a cable pull down is there purpose. The Cable Pull Down is to build back strength for beginners while the pull-up is for advance individuals who are able to carry their weight easily.


A dumbbell is the best equipment for beginners in back exercises.

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