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Fitness for Women Routine According to Body Type

Don't rush on your exercise routine! Women should know their body types first before they start their fitness training. Learn the different women routines according to body type.

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The endomorph Training

If you are an Endomorph, then you will have no problem dealing with weight training. The common aim of women that belong to Endomorphs is to lose weight and have a good physique. Most likely you have low endurance but you have a big advantage at weight training due to your natural body build. As an Endomorph, you have the advantage of having muscles covered by fat. This means that you are naturally strong and better suited for Intense weight training. However, this does not mean going berserk and just lift without control. The best way to achieve the aim is still in taking it slow and letting the muscles get used to weight lifting. In achieving a good physique, the main objective is to lose as much fat as possible while preserving your muscles. The best method for this is the HIIT or high intensity Interval Training. cardiovascular activities tend to burn muscles along with fat; the thing with HIIT is that it is short but intense. It normally takes 15– 20 minutes for HIIT which means less muscle is burned, and since it is high intensity,it burns more calories than long Jogging runs.

Important Notes to Consider:

  • Never do cardio right before weight training – Doing cardio uses up your stored glycogen which will greatly compromise your energy level during weight training. On the other hand,doing weight training first will use up the stored glycogen then the body will look for fat to burn as energy.
  • Never do Leg training and cardio on the same day – Basically, overusing the legs will make the whole training program suffer so make sure that you rest your legs as much as possible before doing cardio.

Training Proper

Using the basic workout exercises, you can come up with a good workout routine. You can also fit in your HIIT Exercise along with your routine.

Here is a sample week long program.

o   Monday – legs and Lower Back

o   Tuesday – rest day

o   Wednesday – Back,biceps and Traps followed by an HIIT Cardio

o   Thursday – Shoulders,abs and wrist followed by an HIIT Cardio

o   Friday – rest Day

o   Saturday – Chest,triceps followed by an HIIT Cardio

o   Sunday – HIIT Cardio

By HIIT Cardio, this means doing a sprint Exercise starting from 15 second full sprint runs as warm-up then increasing it to 1 minute of medium paced running.The whole HIIT cardio repeats for 15 – 20 minutes. 



The Ectomorph Training

If you are an Ectomorph, then be prepared for a really hard path. Being an Ectomorph gives you so many disadvantages with only limited ways to better yourself. Usually, your body is not built for high frequency weight training and is not suited for high intensity weight training. Discouraging as it may sound, but being an Ectomorph makes your body “crash” easily at high intensity and high frequency weight training. However,like any other activity, the best way to surpass your weaknesses is still in starting slow.

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