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5 Must Know Things For Beginners

Some great tips for beginners who are getting ready to hit the gym

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Like I’ve said before, anything grand has a humble beginning. Your body is no different. To get your dream bod, you’ve got to make sure that you start with a path that is safe and prepares you for the next level. That’s why we’ve highlighted the 5 most important things beginners absolutely must consider when they start on their awesome journey to achieve their goals.

Prep your body for what lies ahead. During this time you’ve got to increase your connective tissue strength and just get your muscles familiar with working out. Its all about conditioning your body so that you don’t quit halfway through the workout program. More than anything, prepping the body makes sure you don’t end up seriously injuring yourself when you start going hard. body weight exercises are a great way to start. Pushups, pull ups, no weight squats, lunges, tricep pushup, leg raises, situps and superman – all are great exercises to get your body started. Take a look at the shockwave circuit. It’s a great no weight workout that will help with this.

Use machines instead of free weights. Although I hardly use machines now, in the beginning they really helped me in getting used to lifting the weight. They really help in preventing serious injuries to those who are just starting out. If you don’t have a spotter, then definitely go with the machines till you build your strength to go the distance alone.

Strengthen your core. Your lower back, your butt and your abs. They are really the power house of your body. I’ve seen so many people struggle with injuries because they don’t have the core to support their upper body strength. The core as a whole needs to be kept at par with the rest of your bod. So don’t neglect it.

Do not over do it. This is also very important and something I struggled with personally. Know that results do not come over night. working out 7 days a week can actually affect your muscles’ ability to recover and get results. Your body needs rest. So make sure you give it just that. If you are just starting out, consider working out 3 days in a week. That’s a great beginning.

Less intensity and longer duration. This goes hand in hand with not overdoing it. Us humans can so easily get caught up in the moment. Generally I think that’s a good thing. But when it comes to starting a workout program, you to know your limits. Starting out with a 5k run when you haven’t run in since high school is a great example. You’ll end up with some insane soreness and you might even over stress you heart; which is obviously something you don’t want to do. Consider going for longer less intensity workouts rather than harder demanding workouts, in the beginning.

Remember what I said in the beginning folks. Theres nothing wrong with starting out small. A strong foundation goes a long way in building the best bodies.

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