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5 Sure Shot Strategies To Get You Exercising

Some great tips that can help you in starting your exercise program

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Now a days you hear so many excuses from people about why they cant exercise. From the regular ones to the most elaborately thought out ones; believe me I’ve pretty much heard em all.
But there is hope for these people. After all they’re making the excuses because deep down, they do care about becoming healthier. They just need that last bit of motivation to get going. And we're here for them. Below are some very simple strategies for people to start making their transformation into the healthier and sexier version of themselves.

Start with 10 minutes
Just 10 minutes a day can start making a difference. Pick up those dumbbells and do a few reps. Get on the treadmill or go for a walk. It doesn’t matter what you start off with. Just start doing it. Once you start with the 10 minutes, you will feel so good, that you will wanna do 15. Eventually you will have the will, stamina and motivation to work out to an hour. Just 10 minutes – not the Super Fit workout, but a giant leap in the right direction.

Workout at home
Who says you have to hit the Gym to get results. Yes the Gym gives a lot of options but that doesn’t mean you can’t do stuff at home that will help you in getting fit. The Shockwave and the Sexy Jeans workouts are examples of some great home workouts. There are so many other things you can do to workout at home. push ups (on the knees if you’re new to them), squats, stationary running, skipping, shadow boxing, jumping jacks and burpees are all examples of some great exercises you can start off with. So all of you out there who feel they cant leave their kids at home alone, or have just too much to take care of at su casa, try doing some of the above exercises.

Find something that gets you going
If you find the above exercises boring, then spice up your workout with whatever kind of activity you like to do. Pick a sport. Go walk on the beach. Go to a water park and ride the wave pool. You can even put on your favorite tunes and just dance to them for 10 minutes. Anything that gets your body going is a good start. Remember workout isn’t meant to be boring. So get out there and have fun

Don’t go hard from day one
Sometimes when you start after a while or just start off, you can tend to overdo it. This just leads to insane muscle soreness. Now if you can’t move your body for a week, then for sure you are never going to go to the Gym again. It gave you nothing but pain! A lot of people quit working out because of this reason. So keep your fitness level in mind when you start and challenge yourself accordingly.

Remind yourself of who you really are
You are not that unfit person behind a layer of fat, who just watches other people enjoy the simple pleasures of life. You’re a healthy, sexy individual who can be the change you want to be. Keep telling yourself that. Use the same strategies to motivate you that keep you motivated in your love, family and work life. It’s the same concept. Here's something that will help too.

Pretty much all the excuses I’ve ever heard can be blown to bits by the strategies I’ve mentioned above. I want you to try them out and just watch yourself change. Yes! Its that simple. Exercise always is.

Do you feel motivated yet? Are there more questions you feel you need answers to. Ask us. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Stay Fit

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