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Food Advertisers. What They tell You, What They Don't.

Know the real nutritional value of fast food.

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Proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Pretty much everyone knows what they are now. More and more people are asking about calories and looking at food labels, trying to make sense of the ingredients. This of course, poses a problem for our favorite fast food chains and the other food advertisers out there. If we wisen up, how are these guys going to shove that 1100 calorie burger down our throats? Or worse…whose going to drink that 1400 calorie sugar-filled slurpy? After all that’s where their "moolah" comes from. Because of this, they’ve become really selective of what is put out there, and only market the hell out of those few things that are fit enough to communicate. Well they aren’t going to get us that easily! Because today I’m going to talk about what what they don’t tell you about their Sugar & Grease combo.

What they tell you: Less than 2% fat
What they don’t: More than 50% sugar

What they tell you: Made from natural ingredients
What they don’t: How much they process those natural ingredients to drain every ounce of goodness from them

What they tell you: No trans fats
What they don’t: A lot of saturated fat

What they tell you: No added Sugar
What they don’t: The tons of refined sugar the product already has

What they tell you: Only 350 calories
What they don’t: The processed ingredients making up the calories. It’s not all healthy

What they tell you: Grilled to perfection
What they don’t: Marinated in butter and other sugary sauces before the grilling begins

What they tell you: Same amount of vitamin C as there is in an orange
What they don’t: 10 times the amount of sugar that is there in an entire bucket of oranges

What they tell you: The ultimate sports drink to energize your workouts
What they don’t: Unless you’re doing something extremely strenuous over a long period, you can do just fine with water and a healthy pre-workout meal

What they tell you: High in protein
What they don’t: Also high in sodium, saturated fat and processed carbs

I could go on and on, but I think you smart people get the picture. So the next time you hear or read their marketing pitch, make sure you consider the other aspects as well. It will go a long way to keep you healthy

Keep smiling:)

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