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Cameron's Arms, Heidi's Abs, and Marissa's legs

Get the perfect celebrity body with this all-in-one workout. This workout will leave you very satisfied.

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One of my favorite past times other than exercising of course, is constructing the perfect woman in my head. Ok I’m lying. Not just “a woman”, I construct a whole army of perfect women :) What can I say other than the fact that I think women are angels.
Anyways, as I was doing this the other day, I thought to myself, how fit would a woman look, if she had the arms of Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum’s abs and Marissa Miller’s legs. She would look amazing! Every woman deserves to look like that. So I did a little research for all you gals out there and found out what workouts these ladies do to keep their respective bodies in that heavenly condition. And here’s what I found….

Cameron’s Arms
According to an article posted at Fit Sugar, Cameron’s trainer Teddy Baker suggests three moves for the arms
- Reverse flies for the upper back and shoulders
- Tricep kickbacks for the triceps
- bicep curls for the biceps

All three are great moves which you can do with free weights. I recommend doing at least three sets of each exercise. Keep your reps between 15-20 for that toning action. Reduce the number of reps if you are going heavy.
A great alternative to try out instead of the tricep kickbacks would be the tricep dips,while a good one to try instead of the normal bicep curls would be the Dumbbell 21s

You can read the article about Cameron’s arms at the Fit sugar site

Heidis Abs
Ah Heidi Klum. A goddess in her own right. Her abs are just the perfect amount of toned. And according to an article in fitness Magazine, her Exercise of choice is the ball pass. This is an effective Exercise but make sure you take care of your back doing this one. Also if you don’t have an Exercise ball available:
- you can tie two ends of a towel, or a belt to your feet
- take your legs wide until the towel or belt is taut
- and then do the exercise

Marissa’s Legs
And then there's Marissa. Her legs…to die for. And according to some Cosmopolitan magazines pictures posted at thehollywoodgossip.com, her exercises of choice are:
- The single leg squat step 1 and step 2
- Resistance band kicks step 1 and step 2

If you don’t have a resistance band then you can do the abductor and the adductor machine exercises at the gym. Those will do as well.

So there you go ladies – your workout to getting a super hot bod. But remember, workout is only part of the deal. eating healthy(click here to access a post on healthy eating tips) and getting some cardio in there, preferably 2-3 times a week, is essential as well. But I have no doubt in my mind that you can achieve all of this. After all, you are as special as these women.

Stay Fit

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