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The Goliath Fitness Challenge - Conquer The Beast

Think your in super shape. Put yourself to the test by trying our Goliath challenge.

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This one is dedicated to all those who think they’re in spectacular shape. Put yourself to the test and find out what you’re really made of.
Below is an FJ fitness challenge we have made just for you. We call it the Goliath Challenge. Why do we call it that? Lets just say you’ll find out when you take on Goliath.

The Challenge
6 moves - 100 reps each, followed by a 1500 meter run.

The Goal
Completing the below workout in the fastest time possible

The Rules
- All reps must be completed fully. If you do a half rep, it doesn’t count and you need to do it again
- Gents you must finish the workout in no later that 31 minutes. That 1 extra minute is your bonus ;)
- Ladies you must finish the workout in no later than 34 minutes. We took 1 minute from you and gave it to the guys

The Workout
- 100 Pushups. On the knees option available to ladies only
- 100 squats with arms extended in front. No weight required. Thighs must be parallel to the floor
- 100 2 arm dumbbell rows with 10kg or 20lbs dumbbells for men and 5-7kg or 10-15lbs dumbbell for women. Remember to keep that arch in your back while you do this one.
- 100 Shoulder lateral raises wth 4kg or 8lb dumbbells for men and 2.5kg or 5lb dumbbell for women
- 100 Sit ups. Your feet must be free. Dont use a bar or a friend's help to keep them in place. No weight required.
- 100 Hyperextensions. No weight required
- 1500 meter run. You can do this on the treadmill with a 2 percent incline or you can run outside.

If you defeated Goliath, then well done! its not an easy challenge. Make yourself known and post your times through the comments so that everyone can find out who the "Fittest of them all" is.
If you couldnt finish the challenge in time, dont worry. Goliath is not an easy beast to overcome. Train some more and take him on again. You can do it.
Stay Fit

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