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Protein Powder – Is It Worth It?

Protein powder forms the basis of a lot of serious weight trainers’ diets, but is it worth it?

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If you’re serious about fitness, you’ve probably heard a lot about protein. It should figure prominently in your diet, particularly if you’re lifting weights, and you should aim to get between 0.75 and 1g of protein per pound of body weight per day, or more if you’re a bodybuilder. However, a lot of people find this amount difficult to fit in, and many choose to go for protein powder to supplement their diet.


Protein powder can be mixed with water or milk to produce a shake, or you can even add it to your morning porridge to get an added protein boost. A lot of people choose to add fruits or juices for a unique and great tasting smoothie, and it’s perfect to drink just after a workout session to help you recover quicker.


However, there’s a lot of contention as to whether protein powder is actually worth the money or not. A lot of people prefer to simply get their protein from regular food sources such as chicken, fish or nuts, and think that added protein shakes are a waste of time.


But, in the other corner, protein powder can actually be incredibly beneficial. For people who aren’t used to eating so much during the day then protein shakes could be the ideal way to get extra protein into their diet, and it could be even more beneficial for people who work out extra intensively and who need even more protein than normal.


For the most part, it all comes down to how much exercising you do. If you work out regularly, particularly with weights, then protein powder could be a great addition to your diet. drinking it after a workout will get your recovery off to the best start possible as you’ll quickly be ingesting large amounts of protein that will help to repair your tired muscles. If, however, you only do a moderate amount of exercise, then investing in protein powder probably won’t be worth it and you’ll be better off getting your protein from regular sources.


If you do decide to go for protein powder, remember to go for the purely natural stuff without added fats and sugars. That’s a trap that a lot of people often fall for – they drink copious amounts of protein shakes only to find that they’re putting on fat weight, and then they wonder why. Chances are it’s because they’ve gone for powder with added fat and sugar. Of course, if you need all those extra calories then it’s not so much to worry about, but if you don’t they can be incredibly hard to work off so make sure to check the label.


So, the question of whether or not protein powder is worth it comes down to how much exercising you do and how much protein you need. If you plan your diet carefully then you might not need it, but if you do have to get that added protein into you then it can be a great and easy way to do it. Ultimately it comes down to you and your needs, so take a while to consider it before you jump on the protein powder bandwagon.

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 curren phillips  
 11 Mar 2012, 04:12
 where can i buy protein powder?
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