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The Importance Of Positive Thinking

People often underestimate how important the right mindset is in fitness, as well as with all other aspects of health. This can be a big mistake and can have a huge impact on your success.

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When it comes to working out, and indeed to most things in life, a positive mindset is invaluable. positive thinking is a great tool and it can make a real difference to your overall success, and here are just a few reasons why.


·  positive thinking means that you have a clear image in place of what you’re going to achieve, how you’re going to do it and when you’re going to get there. A lot of professional athletes imagine themselves winning their race or their competition to prepare themselves, and this can go a long way in actually making sure that they win.


·  positive thinking will spur you on. If you ever get down hearted or if you’re not getting the results that you’re looking for, thinking positively can be a real motivator and will mean that you don’t give up. You should always look on the bright side of things – if you tell yourself that you WILL succeed then you’re much more likely to do so.


·  It can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. A self-fulfilling prophecy is where you tell yourself that something’s going to happen and it does, and it’s all about the belief that you have in yourself. If you tell yourself that you’re going to be successful then you have a much better chance of being so, and equally telling yourself that you’re going to fail means that you probably will.


·  positive thinking means that even if you get a setback, you’re not going to give up altogether. This can often be invaluable in fitness competitions, as you’ll often get beaten several times before you win. If you were thinking negatively after your first loss you might think that it’s not worth carrying on so you give in, whereas thinking positively means that you know you didn’t win this time but there’s always next time. You’ll also be able to realise that you can learn something from it, maybe in terms of how much you need to train or what you should change in your routine, and this can also make a huge difference to your success.


·  positive thinking can help in other areas as well as fitness. It can be an essential aspect in keeping you healthy, and is often used as a valuable tool to help treat people with illnesses. If you have a positive mindset and believe that you’re going to be OK then you’re much more likely to be – it’s amazing how much influence the mind can have over the body, so always make sure to look positively on things.


So, these are just a few reasons why positive thinking can be so important. It can spur you on, can make you believe that you’re going to succeed, and if you believe that you’re going to be successful then you’re much more likely to be so. It can be invaluable in all walks of life, and should never be underestimated as a powerful and effective tool of success.

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 17 Dec 2009, 03:03
 Nice article - just reading it made me feel more positive and focussed!
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