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Is Caffeine Really That Bad For You?

You know what it’s like. Almost every other day a news story hits the headlines about something that we regularly eat being good or bad for you. Caffeine is no exception. So, is it really that bad after all?

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There’s huge debate over whether caffeine is good or bad for you, for general health reasons as well as for weight loss. It comes into contention a lot and there are arguments on both sides of the scale, so let’s take a quick look at each one.


First up, those who think caffeine is bad for you. Well, in excess, it certainly can be. Too much caffeine has a load of negative side effects, including actually making you feel tired because after the caffeine wears off, fatigue sets in. This would explain the reason that when you start to drink caffeine regularly, you find that you have to drink more and more of it to keep going throughout the day. caffeine also makes you hungry because it causes your blood sugar levels to spike and after the caffeine wears off it plummets, meaning that you crave sugar and carbs, and it makes you jittery too because it’s a stimulant.


Too much caffeine can even cause heart palpitations and other circulation issues, and if you get addicted you’re left with the dreaded caffeine headache before you get your fix. It also raises levels of cortisol in your body, the hormone responsible for fat storage, so you keep hold of your fat stores and find it a lot harder to lose weight. Certainly not ideal if you’re trying to shift the pounds.


However, then there are the positive effects that caffeine drinking can give you. Caffeine, in small amounts, can raise your metabolism (only in small amounts – too much of it for too long can actually slow down your metabolism). This can enhance your weight loss and can even help you to drop a few pounds, and because it gives you a burst of energy you’ll feel much more active as well, giving you even more opportunities for weight loss. It also contains small amounts of antioxidants, which studies have shown can even help to prevent cancer. It wakes you up, makes you feel better, and for a lot of people is an essential part of their day.


As you can see, there are both positive and negative effects of caffeine intake. But which one should we go for? Ultimately, as with anything, it has to come down to moderation. Too much caffeine can certainly have negative side effects, so if you’re one of these people who drink 10 cups of coffee a day then it might be wise to cut down a bit. But, if you only drink one or two cups, then there’s not so much to worry about.


So caffeine can be bad for you if it’s taken too extremes. Other than that there’s not too much of an issue, and in some cases caffeine drinking can even be beneficial, so long as it’s in small doses. At the end of the day do what works for you, although if you’re unsure it’s always worth remembering that you can never go wrong with a good old glass of water!

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