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Lifting weights - 'As good as running'

Did you know that weight training could be as effective as endurance exercises like running, swimming or cycling when it comes to burning fat and warding off diabetes, a study suggests.

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Professor Ken Fox, an Exercise specialist at the University of Bristol, said that attention was increasingly turning to resistance Exercise as a means to improve metabolism and help lose weight. resistance training has been more often associated with serious athletes and body builders than with slimming, especially by women, but it is a beneficial way of helping your body get rid of those excess pounds.

Many women worry that by using weights they will turn themselves into the Incredible Hulk. But it’s actually quite difficult for anyone to put on significant amounts of muscle, and it is MUCH more difficult for women. The most important factor in muscle gain is the male hormone testosterone, which women have very little of, thankfully! But it’s not only woman that shy away from resistance training but also the older members of society.
Numerous studies confirm that resistance training can preserve and even increase resting metabolism. What that means is that regardless of age and sex - resistance training can help you lose weight. Here are some other very good reasons to take up resistance training:

  • You can firm up your entire body and reshape it.
  • You can increase your metabolism by at least 15 per cent. So, even when you’re sleeping, you’re burning 15 per cent more fat than you used to.
  • Your clothes will fit you much better because as you tone your muscles your body Shape will improve.
  • You will develop more energy, feel younger and even improve your posture.

If you aren’t familiar with resistance training then I strongly suggest you get some expert advice before you start.  And if you haven’t exercised or a long time, or you have high blood pressure then please consult your doctor before doing any of this type of training.

You might want to consider investing in a personal trainer. personal training is now much more accessible, it’s possible to get a trainer to teach you about resistance training and design a specific programme for yourself.

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 29 Jan 2010, 11:10
 Great post!! This is so true. Muscle burns fast and increases metabolism. I mix my workouts up with cardio and weights. thanks for sharing! Jen :)
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