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You too will Love Pilates

A piece that explains how pilates came about and what it will do for you

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PILATES is the Exercise program created by Joseph pilates (1880-1967). As a youngster, Joseph battled with asthma and rheumatic fever and was unable to join his friends in their games and at sport.

His determination to overcome these ailments led him to a lifelong study of anatomy and the connection between mind, body and soul. It is this understanding that evolved to become what we now practice throughout the world as pilates.

At the centre of all pilates exercises are two key components - engaging your core muscles and control of your breathing. Instruction from a Certified pilates Instructor will ensure that these basic  needs are fully and properly understood. Your appreciation of the benefits you gain will really skyrocket when you learn to engage your core.

Matwork pilates is for everyone at any age. Exercising on the mat allows the client to build strength and control, through a series of movements using the the resistance of their own weight. I have found pilates has been a great help in my running and allowed me to control my breathing and my posture over the longer distances that I now enjoy so much.

I love showing my clients how to properly engage their core and lead them gently through a series of exercises, watching them grow in mind and body as they experience their leaner, stronger body - a body they are rightly proud of.

Authored By Tina Torpy

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