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Choosing a Cardio Workout

I have a client ask me at least once a week on what is the best type of CV training. So I thought if I get asked this question a lot by clients, it might be a good one to talk about; so the next time you are asked you will be armed with the answers.

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The simple answer is all CV training has a positive effect. You burn fat and the heart ,like any other muscle grows stronger and gets larger in response to the CV training.

Many people train the same way day in and day out, mostly at a moderate intensity 60-70%MHR. training the same way in this zone known as fat Burn Zone (or FBZ) the effect is not as great as it could be by just adding a couple of variations to that same FBZ workout.

Adding variation to the CV workouts should only be done when your client has a reasonable level of fitness or you have noted your client improvements, by them being able to do more work with less effort.

Interval training, as the name suggests requires the use of a number of intervals of varying efforts. These efforts could use variations of speed, time or type (example Hill),  and are interspersed with periods of rest.

An interval example on the treadmill might be to run at 80-90% effort, up a hill for three minutes then jog back down and repeat 3-6 times, dependent of fitness level of the client. As the client gets fitter you may choose to add more intervals, vary the time, speed or type.  It could be as simple as asking the client to work three days a week at 70% and one day at 85% for a shorter period.
At 50% of maximum heart rate, 50% of calories come from fat, this equates to 8 fat and carbohydrate calories/minute burned.
At around 75% of your MHR, 40% of calories are derived from fat. This equates to 11 fat and carbohydrate calories per minute

Whatever combination(s) you use, the key to progression is to change the routine continually and surprise the body.  By not doing what you’ve always done, you really can get something different t from what you’ve had!

Authored by Jacqueline Zonneveld of fitness Inside Out

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