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Take it Outdoors this Spring

Are you looking to change your workout and add a bit more spring into fitness regime, then the outdoors is your perfect solution.

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Trapped indoors all day? Artificial light and air getting you down?
Your outdoor workout will revive you and you won’t need to look any further than own back door! Thousands of people across Sydney are discovering the effects & benefits of outdoor training coming into the warmer months.  

So, if you are looking to "mix it up" with a different and invigorating workout every time, it is time for you to TAKE IT OUTSIDE with fitness Inside Out’s Outdoor training available at various locations throughout Sydney and if we don’t have one in your area let us know and we can get one started.

Here are a few additional benefits you will enjoy:-

  • A major benefit to outdoor training is that it tends to be more engaging and mentally stimulating due to the changing scenery and terrain — not to mention the mood boost that comes from being outside in the sunshine.
  • Exercising on a natural surface imparts tremendous benefit to your musculoskeletal system. working out on a surface that is perfectly flat like pavement can in the long run cause a relative weakening of joints, tendon, ligaments and small muscle groups
  • Outdoor Exercise bolsters your immune system — studies show that moderate exercisers get 20 to 30 percent fewer colds than non-exercisers do.

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