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Shin Splints And What Causes Them

Shin splints are a very common fitness injury that prevents us from being active. In order to prevent them, we have to know the cause. And this article does just that.

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Are painful shin splints holding you back from performing at your full potential? Do you rest and ice them, only for them to come back as soon as your start activity again? So called ‘modern’ shins splint treatments - such as rest and anti- inflammatories - simply treat the symptoms of shin splints, they cover-up the problem, they do not fix the problem.

As soon as you think your shins splints have disappeared, you restart activity and they come back. Common sense tells us the problem does not come from inadequate rest or in not talking enough anti-inflammatory or pain killers.

Just look at how many people you know who do the same exact activity and yet do not even suffer shin splints?  My guess is quite a few. I know plenty. What is stopping you from enjoying pain-free shins like them?

Well the truth is, one or more underlying bio-mechanical and muscular imbalances are holding you back from pain free shins. 

Now that may sound like a complicated problem, but it really isn’t. Once you know what the 3 major underlying causes are, it takes only a short amount of time to address them.

The 3 major underlying causes of shin splints are simple. They are:

Major Cause #1: Incorrect Fitting Shoes
Incorrect fitting or poor quality shoes can lead to shin splints. It is important you know about the correct shoes and arch support for you to prevent both over and under pronation. Also, shoes of the wrong size and softness can interfere with running technique leading to shin pain. Many times Shins Splints start as soon as you purchase a new pair of shoes. If so, go back to your old shoes and see if that makes the difference.

Major Cause #2: Leg muscle Imbalances
A muscle imbalance is simply an imbalance between the strength (activation) and length (deactivation) of two or more opposing muscles.  When this happens it can lead to incorrect bio-mechanics when running, and then to muscle and tendon injuries . It ís very easy to see why this is such a large cause of shin splints. Itís very common for anyone involved in Physical activity to acquire muscle imbalances. One of the most common imbalanced involves the lower legs (shins) and so causes shin splints.

Major Cause #3: Postural Problems
Postural problems cause not only back and muscle problems but they cause the body to displace it's weight correctly over the shins. Repetitive activity with a postural problem will eventually lead to shin splints. Postural problems can come about also due to muscle imbalances - through sport, work or poor habits - or genetics. But either way, postural problems can be significantly improved through corrective exercises. 

Authored By Tonci Prusac

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