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Exercise Your Mood

Exercise is a great way to beat the blues, whether you are feeling down or whether you suffer from depression you can get a natural 'high'!

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Do you remember the last time you woke up in a bad mood, felt sad, unhappy, un-motivated or any feeling that generally doesn't make you feel good? Do you remember how you changed your mood or how long it lasted? Did you reach for food as a way to comfort yourself?

Every one of us at some stage experiences emotions that make us feel down and for some, those feelings linger making life harder and harder to face the longer these feelings last.

Sometimes these feelings can be brought on by an event and sometimes they may occur without you being able to put a finger on why...but did you know that Exercise can actually help you feel better and to lift your mood? Exercise releases a range of hormones including the 'feel good' hormones 'endorphins'.

So next time you are feeling a little down and can't seem to shake the feeling or find a way to make yourself feel better, then put on your joggers and go for a brisk walk or do any type of activity that you enjoy. You may not feel like it, but odds are when you are finished you will be glad you did.

The more serious side of feeling down is of course depression. This week, Gretchen Hodgkiss who is organising a charity event to help raise awareness of the importance of Exercise on depression called '30 Days of Fitness' has written an article called Beating the blues to share with us the importance of Exercise for our mental health.

Have an amazing week, put on your joggers and go out and explore the world around you...remind yourself of the simple pleasures that we somehow forget as adults; jump in a puddle, walk in the rain, dance around your lounge-room, sing out aloud while listening to your iPod or anything else a little crazy :-)

Your friend and mentor,


Sonja Falvo,

Professional Speaker, Author &
International body Transformation Specialist
Beating The Blues

We've all had bad days and felt 'depressed', but what does it mean to have depression?  depression is an illness when it


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