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Tomatoes for Better Blood Circulation
Most people have heard that it is helpful to reduce the salt in our diets to help control blood pressure. Lowering sodium not only lowers blood pressure without the necessity of having to take a daily pill, it can also reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Getting the salt out your diet, however, is only half the story. It turns out that tomatoes may be extremely helpful in protecting your heart's health.
by  Robert Rister
Good nutrition for adults
In this article, you'll learn suggestions and useful tips for good adult nutrition.
by  stayingfit 4 life
Whey proteins are not something new, that have been available for hundreds of years. It has only been during the last 15-20 years however that the true potential of whey proteins has become known. This awareness has led to an increase in research activity to identify all the benefits whey proteins provide to the human body.
by  Meet Your Personal Trainer
Really - The Claim - Alcohol Worsens Allergies - NYTimes.com
Maybe this is why you are sneezing all the time. They say alcohol particularly worsens allergies in women
by  Apollo
Are wheat-free diets beneficial for weight loss?
Food intolerances play havoc with your digestive system and in turn, this could also prevent you from losing weight. Most people who have extreme allergies to certain foods have been diagnosed and are aware of their allergies, however food intolerances can go left undiagnosed for long periods of time as the symptoms are not always as obvious as an outright allergy.
by  RealBody
What is an allergy?
And why do they occur? what causes them and who's at more risk? And also some ways of preventing them....read all about that here...
by  April
Food allergies
There are many kinds of food allergies present, but recognizing them is the tricky part. But once the symptoms are found, it is best to avoid that food...Read on..
by  April
Treating allergies: How to control your allergies
A good video that discusses the different causes of allergies and how such allergies can be controlled
by  fj admin
Your Action Plan for Moderate to Severe Allergies
Heres a Web MD story that shares an action plan on how to tackle nasal allergies
by  Mahi
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