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Wellness Without Pity: With fitness, what you see is not what you get
When it comes to fitness, what you see is not always what you get. While you may see a lack of progress, there is more than meets the eye. Learn how to see what lies beneath the surface of fitness!
by  Healthy Heather
Tune it out to tone it up: how media shapes our wellness perceptions
We hear it all day: media messages coming fast and furious telling us how to think, be, and act. Take charge and set some filters for what they're allowed to tell you about your own self-worth.
by  Healthy Heather
The Calorie-burning Power of Breastfeeding
Does nursing your baby really burn more calories? That theory is put to the test as a new mom tracks calorie burn after having a baby. Get the results and creative ways to jumpstart a fitness program.
by  Healthy Heather
Body Boosters to Increase Happiness Today
When striving for a healthier body, don't ignore the power of positive thinking. Activate and engage your most powerful fitness tool: your brain! Easy ways to increase happiness today!
by  Healthy Heather
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