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“I haven’t got the time” and other lame excuses for not exercising
There are always people out there who try to make excuses as to why they don’t exercise. These excuses are usually completely unjustified, so here are just a few to watch out for.
by  Leanne
Exercise, Exercise, Exercise
Exercise is a vital part of staying healthy, and it’s even more important if you want to lose weight or reach fitness goals.
by  Leanne
Eating Dust and Over Training
Hi everyone, here's a great little piece from a friend of mine. Her name is Susan Cass, she's a Personal Fitness Trainer and she really knows what she's talking about... Enjoy :)
by  Weight Loss Guru
Lifting weights - 'As good as running'
Did you know that weight training could be as effective as endurance exercises like running, swimming or cycling when it comes to burning fat and warding off diabetes, a study suggests.
by  Weight Loss Guru
Get Rid Of Arm And Thigh Fat
Ladies, check this out to get fit...This is about losing fat from your arm and thighs
by  mannypaul
Fitness and Children: Get your Kids Active
Get your kids to move from the Tv and get Fit with this great and fun exercise routine.
by  mark
The Wedding Dress Workout
Get fit for your wedding, lose weight and look your best. We give you the best exercises
by  Apollo
Why is 'Giving Up' so hard to do?
Why is it that when we want to lose weight or get healthy, we associate it with having to 'give something up'? Giving up can disempower you, but there is a better way that will positively help you!
by  RealBody
Fat Fallacy: Slow Down To Burn Fat Faster
Does the Fat Burning Zone really exist? Does it really work? Find out how to maximise your results!
by  RealBody
Get fit without getting hurt...
Read these general tips to prevent some common fitness injuries..after all prevention is better then cure...
by  April
How to Get Fit with a Chair - Video Dailymotion
A simple home workout you can do with just a chair! it shares 3 exercises to make fitness a part of your day
by  Mahi
The Spy Who Trained Me - YouTube
Want to have fun while working out? Check out Kristen's 007 themed workouts, and have fun staying fit!
by  Kristen @ Perfect Fitness TV
The ultimate outdoor workout | Workout Routines | Get Healthy | Best Health
Don’t waste your summer in the gym! This 30-minute outdoor workout will help you get fit while enjoying the warmer weather.
by  Ang
20 Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout - YouTube
Get Ready! Get Fit! And go with Kickboxing
by  Ang
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