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Profile Picture:
Kristen @ Perfect Fitness TV
Basic Information
Name: Kristen  Wojciechowski
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Location: United Kingdom
Personal Information
Web URL:
Day job:

Fitness Presenter, Model, PT, Dancer

Favorite workout activity:


Favorite exercise:

Prone Oblique Swiss Ball Curl

Favorite time to workout:


Number of workouts per week:


Whenever I don't workout I feel:

like jelly

When it comes to my body im most proud of my:

Abs :)

My greatest accomplishment overall is:

Winning World's Sport Style Fitness Model of the Year 2010!

My guilty pleasure:

chocolate... but I make the best raw chocolates now... check out my video on how to make them for yourself!

The best advice I can give is:

Stay Positive and believe in yourself.

My favorite sports clothing brand:


My favorite workout music:

James Granstrom - All Eyes on Me

My favorite reads:

Health and Fitness

My favorite movies and TV shows:

Modern Family, Greys Anatomy, Mike and Molly, The Bachelor/Bachelorette

Favorite saying:

"If you can dream it, and you can feel it, then you can be it." - Me

I am certified in:

Personal Training, Stott Pilates, Xtend Barre, ETM, Les Mills Body Attack, Zumba,

About me:

I love to train and keep body as fit as I can while still enjoying life. I love to dance. Go on sunny action packed holidays. Go shopping. And driving with no where to go...

Q & A with the star:

Fit Junction: Kristen, you love to train, love to dance and love action packed holidays.  Have you always been into fitness or did you get into it after some realization?  

Kristen: Well, I started ballet when I was 3 and I have continued to dance ever since.  But when I was 18 I had some dance teachers at college that told me I needed to go to the gym to be a stronger dancer.  So I started training with a personal trainer at my school.

Fit Junction: Shooting for Nike, Zagorra, Reebok and a slew of other endorsements. Boy you seem in-demand. How’d this all come about

Toned bodies

Kristen: I have an amazing fitness agent.

Fit Junction: And then of course there’s the winning of the World's Sport Style Fitness Model of the Year 2010! Tell us a little more about that journey

Kristen: A friend told me about the competition and encouraged me to enter, so I submitted my photos, and then I got invited to the semi-finals in London to be seen by the judges.  And, I guess it went really well because I won!

Fit Junction: Now that we know a little more about Kristen’s past why don’t you tell us what the typical day is in 

Kristen: Kristen’s life is like today. When do you exercise, how many times do you eat, what do you eat?...spill the beans!

I’m usually in the gym training clients and teaching classes 6 days a week. I have 3 cardio classes I teach per week, which means I get to enjoy having a workout in my own class.  On alternate days, I choose to do body conditioning at home (it’s usually in the late afternoon), or I’m filming for Perfect Fitness TV. 

In between, it seems as though I’m always eating! Luckily, I like to eat well so that’s a plus. I believe in the 80/20 rule for eating, which means that 80% of my meals are healthy and 20% are whatever I feel like. However, I choose to avoid deep fried, processed and microwave packaged food at all times.  I love chocolate and ice cream, and I enjoy good food in general.  My favorite breakfast is organic porridge with organic peanut butter (with no added sugar) and mixed berries.  For lunch, I love super-food salads like giant couscous with avocados, cucumber, carrots, sprouts, mozzarella and hummus. And for dinner, a tofu stir-fry with vegetables is an excellent way to replenish my body after a busy day. I’m not a vegetarian, though I like to mix it up by eating meat, fish and poultry 2-3 days a week and eat vegetarian on other days. I enjoy fruit or nuts as snacks in between meals and my favorite fruit is mango. Or celery sticks with organic peanut butter is another great snack I enjoy too! Also, I love having fresh juices like carrot, apple and ginger…it’s so delicious. And having plenty of filtered water is essential to my lifestyle. I always have a bottle close to hand. I drink at least 2L a day to stay hydrated.

And now….On to our Tips by Kristen Section. This is the gold that our readers are after

Fit Junction: You’re most proud of your abs and you have a good to reason to be given how toned they are. What would be your top 3 tips for getting the abs one always dreams of getting?

Kristen: Most people have abs, sometimes they are just hidden under belly fat.  1. Do my HIIT/Tabata workouts to burn belly fat.  2. Try to reduce your stress levels, as high cortisol levels aka “the stress hormone” can increase abdominal fat, so take time for yourself to relax or meditate.  3. Work your abs from all angles.  You have 4 sets of abdominals, so you want to plank, twist, rotate, and crunch your upper and lower abs.

Fit Junction: How about the top 3 ab exercises you would recommend.  What would they be and how many set/reps should one do?


Do 3 rounds of this: 

Table top pulses-40 pulses

Russian Twists – 40 reps

Plank with double knee taps – 40 sec

Fit Junction: Is it true that in order to get a six-pack one must do core exercises every day? Or is that too much. In that case what’s the ideal amount of time one should dedicate to core workouts?

Kristen:No…that’s a lot, your body needs to recover. Abs are strong, I train my abs 3 times a week.  And spend ten minutes on them per session.

Fit Junction: When it comes to getting a toned body, what are the 3 worst food choices one can make?

Kristen:Drinking Diet Sodas.  They are pumped full of harmful chemicals and toxins.  

Fast food.  It is all greasy, and deep fried, pack full of saturated fat. Ewww.

Frozen ready meals.  They have way too many preservatives and saturated fat in them. Just learn to cook! Fresh is best.

In general avoid CRAP: chemicals, refined sugars, additives, and preservatives.

Fit Junction: How about the 3 best food choices


Avocados: high in good fats

Blueberries: high in antioxidants 

Tofu/organic chicken breast: high in protein.

working out with kristen

Fit Junction: “ I don’t have time go workout at the gym. Is there a home workout I can do?” How about making us a quick 30 min home workout from the tens of videos you’ve got

Kristen: Yes, most of my workouts on You-tube are around 30 minutes by the time you warm up, train, and cool down and stretch.

Try this as one of my favorite Fit by 5 metabolic circuits I created, no equipment needed:           (Remember to warm up before and cool down/stretch afterwards.)

  • Static split squats: 14 reps on each leg (step one leg forward to prepare, bend both knees to 90 degrees, keeping your feet static and lengthen your knees…that’s 1 rep)
  • Spider man press ups: 10/14 reps (on each press up take one knee to the outside of your shoulder, alternate knees on each rep)
  • Mountain climbers: 50 reps (in a plank position on your hands, run your knees into you chest, each knee is one rep)
  • Jackknife 10 reps (lie on your back, reach your arms overhead and stretch your legs in a long diagonal line while keeping your lower back pressing gently into the floor.  Then lift your hands and feet up to the ceiling as you crunch up and then lower back to the point of abdominal tension.  That’s 1 rep.)
  • Plank 1 min. (lift into a plank position on your forearms.  Keep your hips down, and keep breathing)

Fit Junction: Flabby Arms. Ladies hate them. But these bad boys love the ladies. What are your tips for avoiding them?

Kristen: Flabby arms first of all get flabby because fat likes to store there. This is most likely because the liver has been polluted with toxins and cannot metabolize fat and the lymphatic system is not working properly to flush out toxins. When our lymph nodes get congested toxic cellular waste cannot effectively be released from the body, and this leads to weight gain, cellulite, acne and fatigue/illness. The lymphatic system becomes congested from poor lifestyle choices such as inactivity and improper diet, emotional stress, environmental toxins, hormone imbalance, and the normal aging processes. We have lymph nodes in our armpits, groin area and the backs of our knees, which is why the common places to store fat is in your upper arms, belly, and thighs. 

So 5 things you can do for a healthy functioning liver and lymphatic system and get rid of those flabby arms are: 

1. Stay away from refined sugars and trans-fats. 

2. Eat foods high in antioxidants like berries or green tea to help flush away toxins. 

3. Eat cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower, and sulfur rich foods like garlic and onions to enhance liver function. 

4. Get a dry skin brush to help the flow of lymph under your skin. (Check out my video on this) And 

5, do my Workouts! Especially, “Slim and Sexy Arm Workout.” It's really popular, because it just works! You just need a light pair of dumbbells. And it's great because you are working the smaller accessory muscles in your arms, which tightly wrap around your larger muscles and pull them in for slimmer, toned arms.

Fit Junction: And what about “Thunder thighs” The ugly cousin of Flabby Arms. How does one stay clear of them?

Kristen: Thunder thighs. Again same as before, fat likes to store there is because of a build up of toxins on the lymphatic system. Then the solution to get rid of bulky muscles is to train your legs from all different angles, especially the inner and outer thigh and the lateral rotators in the hip. My "Sexy Slim Thighs and Bum Workout" is perfect to slim down the thunder thighs. Another trick is to involve some light running into your workout, as this actually breaks down the bulky leg muscles. 

And finally…. to wrap up the tips section

Fit Junction:  What’s that one cardinal rule of fitness you’d recommend people never to break even if they break every other rule in the book?

Kristen: Always move everyday, for at least 30 minutes.  If you aren’t going to train, then make sure you go for a walk.  

Fit Junction: Kristen you’re a star! Thanks for answering all our Qs. Before we let you go. Is there any final piece of advice you’d like to give our readers?

Kristen: Keep a good positive attitude. You have to have a healthy mind to have a healthy body.  Change doesn’t happen over night.  You have to be at peace with where you are at in order to make change.  Fretting and worrying doesn’t help. Do not be hard on yourself. You are reading this so you obviously care about your health and well-being and are on your way up, so be sure to check out all of my workouts and health tips on:

Weight Loss

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