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Basic Information
Name: Chrissy  Zmijewski
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Location: United States
Personal Information
Web URL:
Day job:

Author, Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Professor

Favorite workout activity:


Favorite exercise:


Favorite time to workout:

In the morning

Number of workouts per week:


Whenever I don't workout I feel:

Like something is missing. I love moving my body and being active, and while I do need rest, I love thedays when I"m able to workout.

When it comes to my body im most proud of my:

Glutes! I am very strong and am able to squat a lot of weight. Plus, big glutes help with my sprinting!

My greatest accomplishment overall is:

Opening and running a successful training business where I help others improve their health and reach their goals.

My guilty pleasure:

Hmmmm....I can't think of one!

The best advice I can give is:

ALL things are possible.

My favorite sports clothing brand:

Under Armour

My favorite workout music:

Hip Hop

My favorite reads:

Anything that helps me learn more about physiology, nutrition, and the mind/body connection.

My favorite movies and TV shows:

Smallville, Transformers, The Matrix

Favorite saying:

Believe it and you can achieve it!

I am certified in:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist; AFAA Group Exercise Instructor

About me:

I compete in figure competitions as well as track and field meets (I run the 100 and 200m dash and am learning how to pole vault). I just published a book which will be available on my website This summer, I will be playing the lead role in an independent film and have a few more potential roles later in the year. I am one of the new sponsored athletes of Magnum Nutraceuticals. Finally, I teach Exercise Science and Nutrition at Bryan College in Sacramento, CA.

Q & A with the star:

Fit Junction: You’ve got to have one of the most toned bodies we’ve recently come across. Which leads us to our first Question - How long have you been into fitness and what made you get into it?

Chrissy: I’ve been an athlete all of my life.  I have always played sports and workedout.  It is just a part of who I am.  But I moved to Hawaii after leaving a high-stress job, as I needed some down time. It was then that I started moving less and eating more.  I ended up gaining a bit of weight and that is when I really got serious.  I realized that I let my body and fitness level go and was determined to win a figure competition.  In 4 months, I went from 26% body fat to 12% and won my first figure competition.  I’ve been competing ever since!


Fit Junction: You are into a lot of fitness related stuff. For example we know you are also a fitness model along with being a personal trainer. What else are you into?

Chrissy: I compete in figure competitions as well as track and field meets (I run the 100 and 200m dash and am learning how to pole vault).  I just published a book which will be available on my website  This summer, I will be playing the lead role in an independent film and have a few more potential roles later in theyear.  I am one of the new sponsored athletes of Magnum Nutraceuticals.Finally, I teach Exercise Science and Nutrition at BryanCollege in Sacramento, CA.


Fit Junction: Whats the best thing you like about being fit?

Chrissy: I like to use my fitness level to inspire other people.  I love being able to do workouts that are “impossible” for most people. Most people assume that somehow I’ve always been this fit or this strong.  I tell them that just like anyone else, I had to put in my time to build up my body and my strength.  I like showing others that “ALL things are possible,” including building a great physique. It just takes time and a willingness to push yourself.


Fit Junction: Coming to your daily routine, whats a day like in thelife of our Goddess Athelete?

Chrissy: My life includes various activities.  During the week, I work with my online clients about 2 hours a day, train 2-3 clients in person, teach at Bryan College for 3-5 hours a day, do 1-3 workouts a day (lifting, sprinting, and/orkung fu), and work on other creative activities (acting, writing, modeling,doing demos for Magnum, etc.).  I aim to also take a 20-30 minute nap each day to help me recharge my mind and body.


Fit Junction: What would be your top 5 exercise and diet tips for people looking get a toned physique?


1.      Get help.  Just like you get help to do your taxes or run a business, there is so much that you have to consider when figuring out what YOUR body needs to get the physique you want.  While there is no secret to weight loss,everyone’s body responds differently and may need something different to get results.  Working with a trainer helps with motivation, accountability, and pushing you just a bit so that you can get results FASTER.  Interview a bunch of trainers.  Find out their philosophy, how they work with clients, and pick the one that is a good fit for you.

2.      You must lose the fat.  Lifting weights isn’tenough if you have a layer of fat covering your beautiful muscles.

3.      Exercise intensity is the key.  EPOC (Excesspost-exercise oxygen consumption) is the key to both leaning out and releasing HGH (human growth hormone). 

4.      Minimize rest periods in your workout.  Superset or giant set your exercises so that you are going, going, going. 

5.      Findthings that are challenging for you to do. New and challenging exercises will help stimulate your muscles in a different way and make your body burn more calories.



Fit Junction: How about your top 5 tips for muscle gain?


1.      You must REST.  Muscles rebuild when you are resting, and many people trying to gain muscle try to do too much and jeopardize their results.

2.      Forget the cardio.  When you are building muscle, your focus must be on lifting. Cardio just burns through calories and muscle tissue, which is NOT going to make you bigger.

3.      Lift each muscle group at least twice a week. Muscles recover in 48-72 hours, assuming you have not completely demolished them in your workout.  Lifting each muscle only once per week is not going to help you in reaching your goals.

4.      Vary your rep ranges and exercises.   The muscles need to be stimulated in a variety of different ways with a various rep ranges.  Reps should be between 8 and 15.  Choose exercises that you are not used to doing so that the muscle has to work in different ways and is forced to grow.

5.      Make sure you lift your legs.  Doing multi-joint leg exercises like deadlifts and squats helps to release more HGH(human growth hormone) and helps you grow bigger.


Fit Junction: A lot of women are worried about becoming bigger, if they hit the weights. What do you have to say to that?

Chrissy: Women do not produce enough testosterone to get that big.  I work hard to gain muscle.  Weights will actually help women get leaner,as more muscle increases metabolism, but women are not going to get bulky byhitting the weights.


Fit Junction: These days we hear about so many drugs on the market that can spur your fat loss. What do you think? Should one take fat loss supplements?

Chrissy: Personally, I do not take any fat loss supplements.  Many of them contain stimulants and diureticswhich are not great for creating a healthy body.  A well-designed workout plan in addition to agood nutrition plan is the BEST way to lose fat.  Slower fat loss also tends to be more long-lasting and ensures that you are not losing muscle in addition to fat.


Fit Junction: Creatine and whey protein. Good or Bad?

Chrissy: There is mixed research out there about creatine.  There are a few things that you have to consider.  1. Some people respond to creatine more than others.  If you are an endurance athlete, creatine is not going to be very helpful, but for sprinters, weight lifters, athletes that play sports that require speed and power and power lifters, creatine can offer a competitive edge.For people who are skeptical of supplements, beef is a good food source of creatine.  It just may not be as effective as creatine in supplement form.2. The kind of creatine is important too.  You want to find a product that is of pharmaceutical grade.  It will be a more pure product and is more bio-available (meaning your body will be able to absorb and use it).  Magnum makes a few great products that have creatine in them.


I am NOT a fan of whey.  With the way cows are treated and pumped with hormones, I do not trust that any dairy products are beneficial for our health.  While the amino acid spectrum might be good and it may be very absorbable, I have done extensive research showing the detrimental effects of dairy and whey on the human body.  They are both acidic to the body and candisrupt the pH balance, in addition to many other detrimental health concerns.


Fit Junction: What would be the best exercises for building your upper chest for the guys?

Chrissy: That depends on their muscular structure and what their current workout is like, but incline flys (both cable and DB) and incline BB and DB chest press are going to help. The key is to really target the chest. Many people over use their shoulders and triceps on chest exercises.  See my video on the bench press on this site.  It shows that the shoulder blades need to be slightly pinched together to keep the shoulders back and in the right position.  Finally, you need to imagine squeezing in towards your midline to keep the work in your chest,rather than in the triceps.  While exercise choice is important, form and muscle engagement will make or break your progress in the gym. 


Fit Junction: How about a nice round butt and toned thighs for theladies?

Chrissy: Squats, lunges, and hip extensions are going to be the best exercises for the butt (look at my video on the one legged squat.  That one is awesome!).  However, more important that your exercise choice is how you do the exercise.  Many people overuse their back or quads.  You must train your butt to do the work if you want it to round out.  These same exercises will help with developing muscle in the thighs as well. Just keep in mind that building muscle is not enough.  If you want to look toned, you must decreasethe amount of fat that is over the muscle.

Fit Junction: What are your top 5 fat loss tips?


1.      You must lift weights!  Lifting weights can expend more calories than most cardio workouts and help you build a bit ofmuscle which will increase your metabolism. More muscle burns more fat FASTER!

2.      Exercise intensity is the key.  EPOC (Excesspost-exercise oxygen consumption) is the key to leaning out.  This means that your hours doing cardio are NOT going to help you (long duration cardio actually encourages fat storage).  Doing interval training will help you lean out faster while keeping your hard-earned muscle!

3.      Count your calories for faster results.  If youdon’t know how many calories are going into your body, it’s difficult to determine if your diet or your workout program is to blame.  By recording what you eat, you not only know exactly how many calories you are consuming, but you are also less likely to eat junk food if you know you have to write it down!

4.      Fresh is BEST!  Choose fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins over packaged or processed foods.  They have less calories, additives, and preservatives, so they will not only help you look good, but you will be healthier too.  If you want a really tight physique, eliminate grains from your diet.  Grains tend to cause cellular edema and give people a puffy look.

5.      Slower is faster!  Losing more than 2 pounds aweek on a consistent basis usually means you are losing muscle in addition to fat.  Slower weight loss ensures that the weight you are losing is mostly fat, not muscle, and will also help ensure thatyou do not have as much lose skin.



Fit Junction: Heres a question that comes up a lot: “If im going out to eat, what kind of food should I order so that I don’t feel guilty?”


1.The best thing to do is to find out HOW the food is prepared.  Many foods (from vegetables tomeats) are cooked in butter to add flavor, and unfortunately fat. 

2.Eat salads over cooked vegetables and use fresh lemonjuice and a tiny bit of olive oil as your salad dressing. 

3.Sushi places are great.Choose the sashimi (the fish without the rice), which is a good low-calorie option.

4.Eat only ½ of your order.  Ask the server only bring out ½ the order and save the rest for later, or split the order with a friend. 


Fit Junction:  “I’ve beenworking on a six pack for the last 4 months. Still no results. What could I be doing wrong?”


Several things could be goingwrong:

1.You are eating too much to lose the fat over your abs.

2.You are doing too much cardio and storing extra fat.

3.Your workouts are not intense enough to get you into EPOC.

4.You have adapted to your workout and need to do something new to help you expend more calories. Remember your body adapts in 6-8 weeks.If you have been on your current plan longer than that, you need to dosomething different.

5.Your lifestyle habits need to change.  Smoking and drinking encourage fat storage in your midsection.


Fit Junction: If there was one fitness rule that you would have tolive by, what would that be?

Chrissy: Train SMARTER, not HARDER!


Fit Junction: Any tips for the readers to help them with their motivation to workout?


1.Surround yourself with people who have the same goals.  Often having a workout buddy or a trainer will help keep you accountable to your plan.

2.Less is more.You don’t have to be in the gym for hours at a time.  Thirty minutes 4-5 days a week is better than hours and hours every now and then.

3.Put up pictures of physiques you admire.  Use those pictures as motivation to getting the body that you want!

4.Make it fun!Yes, you have to push yourself a bit, but it shouldn’t be all hard work.Whether it’s listening to your favorite music or working out with friends, find a way to make fitness FUN for you!

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