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Annie Garcia
Basic Information
Name: Annie  Garcia
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Personal Information
Web URL:
Day job:


Favorite workout activity:

Cardio and Weight

Favorite exercise:

the plank

Favorite time to workout:


Number of workouts per week:


Whenever I don't workout I feel:

Pretty Miserable

When it comes to my body im most proud of my:


My greatest accomplishment overall is:

Losing 42KG in weight and keeping it off

My guilty pleasure:

Chocolate and ice cream

The best advice I can give is:

Keep going

My favorite sports clothing brand:


My favorite workout music:


My favorite reads:

All cookery books and Motivational ones.

My favorite movies and TV shows:

Shawshank Redemption and The Big Blue

Favorite saying:

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're usually right.

I am certified in:

Food - classically trained chef

About me:

I love food and creating dishes that are healthy and interesting, in taste, texture and flavour. To this end, I am teaching people how to do this at their homes and showing them various tips and options they can use to make their slimming journey more interesting.

Q & A with the star:

FJ: You lost a whopping  42KGs!! What led you to make the change in your life?

Yes I did loose that weight - It was knowing that I was spiraling out of control, seeing myself in that picture, walking down this beautiful beach and realising the extent of the damage I did to my health, self-esteem.  But also a will to restore the old me, lost somewhere within.

FJ: Is it true your weight loss was so inspiring, that you even had a piece done on you in Zest magazine?

The article written about me in Zest is thanks to Pete Cohen, who is a great guy who dedicates himself to helping people loose weight, check out his programme, it's fantastic - he put me in touch with them and they wrote my story - I still pinch myself about that one I must say

FJ: What kind of workout and diet plan did you follow to lose all this weight?

Annie: Oh my! It would be more a case of what programmes I did not follow - went on weight watchers, slimming world, the cabbage soup diet, studied loads of slimming diet books.  Each time something worked for me, I kept doing the bits I enjoyed and left out the bits I did not.  Mainly I gradually got real with my portion sizes and the types of food I was eating and got active.  One thing I did find extremely useful and revolutionary in terms of thinking at the time was the low GI food plan, helped me understand about balancing sugar levels and sugar producing food, somehow that worked for me.

Was it hard making the change? How did you deal with the junk food cravings?

Making the change was progressive, for me I found that somehow I had to become more consistent with it.  I used to leave reminders in the house to either help me or wind me up, either way, it was for my benefit.  But eventually I got there, just a step at a time really.  I don't know much about junk food because I've always been one for cooking things or getting good stuff in - however, there were loads of foods which, eaten to excess would definitely hinder progress and for me that was Cheese - something us French are sort of brought up with

FJ: We heard Pete Cohen the “weight loss guru” helped you make the change. Is there anything you would like to say about him?

Annie: Pete's programme is the best programme around I say that wholeheartedly.  Given the amount of time I spent going round the houses, trying to make diet plans work and failing and trying again, and failing.  Pete's programme helped me loose my last 7KG and that's the hardest part.  I only wish I had known about Pete's plan sooner, because if you buy the ticket with the plan 100% you will succeed 100%.

FJ: Now that you’ve lost all the weight how do you feel? Is there anything you can do now that you felt you couldn’t do before?

You know what? I feel great - I still pinch myself at times, but to know that I can go into any clothes shop and just go hey I can wear this small size is fantastic - but mainly I feel free.  I run now which is something I never even dreamed about before long distance too, have tons more energy and feel generally happier as a result.

FJ:Whats a typical day in the life of Annie Garcia?

Annie: A typical day in my life is always varied: I tend to work loads, exercise, read cookery articles, think about food and try and come up with ideas to create food that's good for you, love chatting to my friends, listen to loads of music, socialise as much as possible and mainly do things I love really.

FJ: Whats your weekly training routine like? How long do you work out each day and what sort of exercises do you do?

Annie: Usually on a Monday I go to an exercise class that Pete runs for people on the programme, it's tough and good fun at the same time.  Tuesday usually a good long cardio session, or weather permitting I'll be outside running in amongst the beautiful scenery that West Sussex offers.  Wednesday will be a weight training session.  Thursday a bit more cardio and Friday some more weights.  I run with some real close friends too who are firefighters, they have to be fit themselves, so we go out and train together and that also is a good regime for me.

FJ: What are your top 5 exercise recommendations for losing weight?


1) Try and be consistent
2) Start in the morning
3) Get some good advice and start slowly
4) Review your programme regularly
5) When an exercise starts to become easy, increase the level so that you challenge yourself

FJ: How about motivation? What would be your top 3 tips to stay motivated?


1) I used to write on my mirror my weight loss goal so that I would look at it every day and it kept the focus on my mind and hang a real tiny dress by the front door so that I'd see it everytime I left.
2) Keep your measurements and check them.
3) Talk to experts or friends who you know will help you on your journey when you struggle.

FJ: Being someone whose into cooking and nutrition, what would you say are the 5 worst food choices  if someone is trying to lose weight?


1)Mc Donald's, KFC, Pizza Hut etc.
2)Too much sugar of any form - the refined white variety especially.
3)Ready made food that's high in fats that your body cannot process, such as the hydrogenated stuff.
4)Food that has been mass produced and processed and has lost all its natural goodness, i.e. ready made meals
5)Food that contains additives in it: E Numbers and preservatives that are unnatural.

FJ:How about your top 5 healthy food choices?

1) Fresh fruits
2) Slow release carbohydrates - to help maintain/regulate sugar levels: oats, brown rice, granary bread, tortilla wraps with seeds in etc...
3) Good quality protein: whey protein, lean meats, fish - oily variety and lean.
4) Nuts - which are good protein and natural fats that your body needs but cannot manufacture
5) Vegetables: - the best ones are the seaonal ones.

FJ: In your view what sort eating habits should one develop when he or she is trying to lose the weight? In other words what should a healthy eating plan look like?
1) Slow down the rate at which you eat - it's surprising how quickly you fill up.
2) Enjoy what you eat - you can love your food.
3) Try to cut down your portions.
4) Drink 2 litres of water a day.
5) Start doing an activity which you enjoy and therefore likely to be more consistent with it.
6) Eat little and often - you can maintain better levels and avoid being too hungry if you don't starve too much

A healthy plan should have a variety of fruits, protein, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and water.

FJ: A lot of people  think alcohol isn’t that bad when it comes to weight gain. What do you think?

Alcohol is sugar and is dangerous to consume as it can act as a trigger to eat a lot.

FJ: Whats your advice to all those overweight people who want to lose the weight but don’t know where to start?

For anyone wanting to lose weight you must check out Pete Cohen's website - I wished I had discovered it a long time ago - it is the most comprehensive programme I have come across.

FJ:Finally, we know you’re an amazing chef. Can you share one of your quick recipes for a delicious healthy snack?
Annie: For the healthy recipe, Pete's just filmed me making a healthy wrap – heres the link for it


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