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Healthy Heather
Basic Information
Name: Heather  Fuselier
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Location: United States
Personal Information
Web URL:
Day job:

Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach

Favorite workout activity:

Weight lifting

Favorite exercise:

Running really super fast

Favorite time to workout:

Before the rest of the world is awake

Number of workouts per week:


Whenever I don't workout I feel:

Like a grinch

When it comes to my body im most proud of my:

Sense of humor.

My greatest accomplishment overall is:

Completing the Ultimate Fitness Challenge!

My guilty pleasure:

Pizza. Only I don't feel guilty about it.

The best advice I can give is:

Eat to live, don't live to eat. And eat CLEAN!

My favorite sports clothing brand:

Clearance Rack

My favorite workout music:


My favorite reads:

YOU On a Diet and The Fat Loss Troubleshoot

My favorite movies and TV shows:

Anything on HGTV and pretty much anything created by the BBC. Especially Dr. Who, The IT Crowd, and the Vicar of Dibley!

Favorite saying:

You can't out-train a bad diet.

I am certified in:

ACE Certified Personal Trainer and WellCoaches Wellness Coach eligible

About me:

A super-busy, over-committed, fun-loving person trying to make something great out of the short life I've been given. Most of the time, I succeed! Parenting, fitness training, clean eating, wellness coaching, and writing about all of it are the staples of my life, and its through these things that I accomplish my ultimate goal of being fully present for each day and squeezing every bit out of it. I have a passion for helping people realize and achieve their wellness goals, so I coach and write about fitness and wellness in my blog and for other online news sources. I also have some goals of my own and regularly compete in endurance sports, weight train, and continue my quest for the holy grail: post-baby six pack abs. Not every day is perfect, but most of them are pretty darn close and I love ending each one knowing that I lived up to my nickname: Healthy Heather. It's nice to meet you! Now what are we doing today?

Q & A with the star:

Fit Junction: Heather, gotta say we love your energy…and all your articles are very “relatable” to the general public…What made you take this approach to fitness?

Heather:  Wow, thanks!  I’m a big believer in context over content.  My main goal in writing about fitness is to motivate people to take the actions that will improve their health. But cheerleading is only one part of motivation.  Over time I’ve learned that if no one can see themselves in what I write, they’ll just read it, think, “well that was nice, good for you,” and never feel motivated to act.  I want people to act.  So I decided to quit the cheerleader routine and start writing some context – the behavior stuff – to go with the content. Hopefully that results in articles that are easy to read, easy to relate to, and a good mix of “you can do it!” and “now let’s figure out how.” 

Fit Junction: We know Heather is a great writer but what else does she like doing besides writing and helping people with her fitness advice?

Heather:  Fitness pretty much consumes me; I think about it all the time!  But when I am not training or writing about training, I am with my son and husband. I made a promise to myself last year to start simplifying my life and focusing on what matters, so I have tapered my activities down to my absolute faves – my family and my wellness.  So I spend a lot of my free time building Lego robots and space ships, watching British television with my husband, and laughing with my family.  I am very lucky to have a lot of smart, witty, and kind people in my life who keep me laughing and smiling. I am also completely addicted to HGTV and can watch it for hours on end.  Literally, I have done that.

Fit Junction: And what about a typical day in your life….what your daily routine like?

Heather:  I wake up at 4:00 am and head to the gym first thing. My workout is a little different every day, but I’ll usually run between 5 and 8 miles, or if I am sick of running I’ll do intervals on the bike or the elliptical, and then do strength training with my trainer.  Then the starting gun goes off: dash home to write and send my Daily Dose and blog for the day and then get everyone up, fed, dressed, and out the door. My day job is as a non-profit manager, but I take a break at lunch to attend a Pilates class, possibly go for a stress-relief swim, or coach wellness clients and write fitnessy stuff.  After work, things slow down a little because that is dedicated family time. In my spare moments, I coach wellness clients! It is a busy day but I love it.

Fit Junction: What’s the thing you like the most about being fit

Heather: Wow, good question.  That’s tough.  I think the foundation answer is the way I feel when I am healthy versus when I am not. Without energy, strength, and a positive attitude nothing much else can get done, and being fit gives me those things as a foundation for my day.  But a close second would be the number of hassles I don’t have to deal with because I am fit: I don’t get sick often, I don’t have trouble fitting into clothes or airplane seats or restaurant booths, I don’t have limited mobility, and I don’t get easily fatigued.  The amount of time it takes for me to exercise each day and eat well is well worth getting rid of the hassles that I would have as an unfit person!

Fit Junction: Lets talk a little about some eating habits now. What are your 5 best tips for healthy eating?

Heather: I used to think that weight maintenance and fitness was just about calories in versus calories out.  But when I read Dr. Oz’s YOU: On a Diet I started making the connection between the quality of the food I was eating and the quality of the life I was living. When I eat crap, I feel like crap. When I eat healthy, I feel healthy.  So I’d say my top five tips are:

1. Eat clean! Eat as close to the Earth as possible: fresh, mostly raw fruits and veggies, lean meats like chicken and turkey, and whole grains.  No magic advice there, just eat healthy food.

2. Portions! Even healthy food has calories, and your body doesn’t know what your intention is when you eat. It just processes the food.  Portion control is a big (pun intended) problem in our country!

3. Mindfulness!  Food is fuel – not your friend, not an excuse, not an escape, and definitely not a reward.  Being aware of why we’re eating and then taking action to eat only when we’re physiologically hungry takes a lot of effort, patience, and practice, but can be a very powerful weapon against emotional eating.

4. Eat for function!  So many of our eating habits are connected to things other than hunger.  We eat to celebrate, mourn, quell our nerves, show love, and pass the time.  But that’s not healthy eating.  When we sever the connection between food and any sense of entitlement, amazing things happen.  

5. Keep it simple!  My head used to spin trying to keep track of how to eat – should I eat low fat/high carb?  Or high protein/low carb?  Should I eat before I workout? It was really stressing me out.  I decided to chuck it all and just eat fruits, veggies, lean meats, and whole grains.  Life is complicated enough as it is, luckily I can keep eating simple: just eat clean. 

Fit Junction: How about your top 5 weight loss exercises

Heather: I believe that the best exercise for weight loss is the exercise you will consistently do at a vigorous intensity.  I’ve seen people drop 50 lbs doing boot camp, where others quit after a week because they just don’t like it.  Others may run every day and swear by it, but if you don’t like running you just won’t do it.  That being said, my personal favorite ways to burn calories are

1. Running. Can’t beat the calorie burn!

2. Swimming. It’s a great stress-reliever and a total body workout.

3. Boxing. Hitting things feels really good!

4. Plyometrics and agility training.  I actually loathe doing them, but they’re great for my legs.

5. Pilates.  Not a big calorie burner, but having a strong core is key for me staying healthy.

Fit Junction: Twice a month binge eating….”don’t ever do that” or “its ok if you do it..doesnt matter that much”

Heather:  oooh, don’t do that!  Binge eating has never been a good experience for me. I’ve found that if I ever feel the need to binge eat, one of two things is happening: either I am PMSing or I am not getting enough variety in my nutrition!  The first thing I can’t do much about, but the second one is within my control. I find that if I look at what I’m eating for a few days I’ll see what’s missing and once I satisfy that need the urge to rebel goes away.  On the other hand, there is a lot to be said for the feeling of rebelling! Eating to excess a few times a year isn’t going to set your wellness back too much, but do it with a clear concept of what that means for you personally and the confidence that you can get right back on track. If you don’t think you can, stay away!  

Fit Junction: Your Top tips for losing the holiday weight

Heather: Be sensible and realistic.  Permanent weight loss is the result of permanent change. Let go of the idea that you will wake up and it will be gone!  Just be mindful of your eating, drink a lot of water, and get regular exercise. It will take care of itself. 

Fit Junction: “I want to lose that fat of my butt. What kind of exercises should I be looking at doing?”

Heather:  I am not a personal trainer so I can’t provide exercise guidance, but in my experience, running and plyometrics have done wonders for my glutes!  I’ve also heard rave reviews about kettlebell workouts for toning your hamstrings and glutes.

Fit Junction: Is there a quick at home workout you can share with our readers?

Heather: Well, that depends on your home. ?  Just about anything can be a workout if you get creative with it.  I like to set a timer on my oven and set the goal to get my entire house clean (and I mean clean) in 45 minutes.  That can burn some calories.  Stretching is great to do at home, as well.  If you have kids, invent a game that requires you to pick them up and carry them around a lot.  Instead of watching a movie as a family, turn on the Wii or the Kinect and get moving.  Exercising at home is really just a matter of changing how you look at things.

Fit Junction: What’s the best workout or fitness strategy to lose those dreaded love handles?

Heather: Since I am not a certified personal trainer (yet), I can’t provide specific exercise advice, but I’ve found that the absolute best way to trim up my abs is nutrition.  You cannot out-train a bad diet no matter what.  Nutrition trumps exercise every single time!

Fit Junction: Y’know… people always say that “If I can only get through the first few weeks of my health plan, Id be able to get into a routine.” What tricks can you give to these peeps to stick with their plan?

Heather: That is so true – having a routine is a big part of achieving consistency, which leads to success over the long term.  I always remind myself that real change requires real change: you have to actually make change! I call it “babysitting your brain,” because it is like sitting on your own shoulder and keeping your brain from doing stupid stuff.  Some things that help me are to set small goals that I can quickly achieve, tell people about my goals so I have accountability, and putting stickers on a calendar for every day I meet my goal.  Seeing a visual is a great motivator to keep going!  There’s a great online resource at with 29 ways to successfully engrain a behavior.  I have done all 29 of them and they have helped me a lot.

Fit Junction: You’re on a six pack quest…what’s the advice you’d give to all those ladies who want to get a toned body

Heather: Eat well. It is so plain and simple to me now that I’ve been on both sides.  When I am eating clean, eating a lot of vegetables, drinking water, and staying away from processed foods, my physique is awesome. When I am eating garbage, my physique is not.  There has never ever ever in my life been a time when I have been able to get away with bad nutrition and have a great body. Ever. I’ve stopped expecting that to happen. 

Fit Junction: Back to the top 5s again. Your 5 favorite healthy snacks

Heather: Easy! 

1. Almonds and berries.

2. Old fashioned oats with a few walnuts and cranberries (real cranberries, not craisins)

3. Greek yogurt and berries.

4. A low-carb whole wheat wrap with spinach, turkey, and mustard

5. Raw veggies and hummus

Fit Junction: And lastly..and maybe most importantly…what’s the best advice you can give to our reader who seek to get fit

Heather: Keep it simple. There is so much confusing and conflicting information out there on fitness and a lot of it is created to make you buy something. Calm down, take a deep breath, and focus on adopting habits that will last a lifetime:

Eat clean and eat for function.

Exercise hard most days of the week.

Drink water. 


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