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Stephen Salomon
Basic Information
Name: Stephen  Salomon
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Location: United States
Personal Information
Web URL:
Day job:

College Student, Assistant

Favorite workout activity:


Favorite exercise:

Handstand pushups

Favorite time to workout:


Number of workouts per week:


Whenever I don't workout I feel:

Great because I know imma wanna hop right back into the flames real soon

When it comes to my body im most proud of my:

Back and arms, but now I have other areas that are starting to overshadow those 2

My greatest accomplishment overall is:

Coming out of the hospital knowing I would most likely be confined to my house and working my way up to leading a normal life again

My guilty pleasure:

beats me

The best advice I can give is:

Treat every day like a new challenge, try to raise the bar every now and then

My favorite sports clothing brand:


My favorite workout music:

Rocky IV soundtrack

My favorite reads:

Alot of Agatha Christie, The Oedipus series, Midsummer Nights Dream, Invisible Man, Ender's Game, Othello, Let the Circle be Unbroken, Moby Dick.

My favorite movies and TV shows:

I don't watch much T.V. as for movies comedies and action packed films

Favorite saying:

Keep your eye on the prize

I am certified in:


About me:

I walk alot because of an accident I went through and all of the walking accumulated to me walking about 12-20 miles a day (or any day I walk). The most I've down in one take was 33 miles. Published at the age of 14 for poetry, I was on the Oxygen channel promoting health and fitness through Dance Dance Revolution, and made several other T.V. appearances. Would compete in technical tournaments for DDR within the tri-state, mid-atlantic, and New England area and was mostly successful. Currently I am potentially going to get in the studio with a photographer and start working on a modeling portfolio.

Q & A with the star:

Fit Junction: From your facebook status updates, it looks like you’re a fitness freak. Is that true? Or do you consider yourself to be someone whose into fitness as much as your average joe 
Stephen: I workout a little more than average, I guess that is just the way I am. I like taking things a step further

Fit Junction: What made you get into fitness. Was it the chicks, the fear of becoming unhealthy or just something you’ve been doing all your life?
Stephen: I got into an accident that left me in the hospital for a year collectively, I had to face the music and understand that if I didn't get in shape I would most likely be bedridden for the rest of my life.

Fit Junction: They say, to be fit you gotta eat fit. What do you eat  and how many times a day, do you eat it
Stephen:  I started dieting again 2 years ago, I try to round out what I take in (food pyramid). Lots of fiber because my body is in high demand and needs energy, but I don't eat sloppy. Chicken, turkey, pasta, salads, greens, brocolli, lasagna...mmmm, and rice.



Fit Junction: What about the booze. Do you drink on a regular basis. Why or why not

Stephen:  I drink socially, usually one day out of the week. I am only 24 and have alot to still experience

Fit Junction: Tell us about your favorite exercise.
Stephen: Handstand push ups. I used to break dance in high school, and I liked powermoves alot but really didn't have the upper body strength, handstand push ups helped alot with that.

Fit Junction: What about the least favorite. Be sure to tell us why
Stephen: Hmmmm, I don't really have one. I really tried to think hard about this, but I've grown accustomed to seeing the end result and I gotta say I'll take it all any day of the week ;)

Fit Junction: What your biggest pet peeve in the gym
Stephen: People that are afraid to shower when they need to

Fit Junction: What do you think are the 3 worst food choices anyone can make, especially if they are trying to get fit
Stephen:  Fast food, greasy foods, junk food

Fit Junction: What about the 3 best ones.
Stephen:  Salads, fish (yummy), fruits.

Fit Junction:  Finally, if there were 5 general fitness tips you could give to anyone, what would those be
1. Make a goal and try your best to stick with it, eyes on the prize at all times.
2. Dig in! And don't be afraid to step it up a notch
3. In the back of your mind always remember that you deserve better things and then when you hit those weights try to do the best thing for yourself.
4. Remember that one guy/girl that played you like a dummy??? Ever think of that one day you'll see them again? Food for thought...
5. Pick something that you are comfortable with and try to max out that workout, it helps getting totally fit a whole lot easier because it helps with your foundation.

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