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Day job:


Favorite workout activity:


Favorite exercise:

Sit ups

Favorite time to workout:


Number of workouts per week:


Whenever I don't workout I feel:

Like I'm wasting the time and effort I've already put in.

When it comes to my body im most proud of my:


My greatest accomplishment overall is:

If it's a fitness accomplishment, then it's running a half marathon. Bring on the full one!

My guilty pleasure:


The best advice I can give is:

Don't starve yourself and do the workouts you enjoy and that work the best for you.

My favorite sports clothing brand:

I don't have one.

My favorite workout music:

Anything with a great beat.

My favorite reads:

Books - One Day, Blacklands
Magazines - fitness and womens.

My favorite movies and TV shows:

For TV shows I love House, Monk, Friends, Scrubs, and most comedy shows. For movies it's Casino Royale, Gran Torino, Love Actually and Titanic.

Favorite saying:

"Nothing worth having comes easy." A great motto for fitness as well as everything else in life.

I am certified in:

Psychosocial Sciences (I hold a BSc Honours degree)

About me:

I love life and everything about it, and I particularly love that I've found fitness. I'm a writer by day but I always make time for working out, and intend to step it up even further.

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