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Day job:

Author, Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Professor

Favorite workout activity:


Favorite exercise:


Favorite time to workout:

In the morning

Number of workouts per week:


Whenever I don't workout I feel:

Like something is missing. I love moving my body and being active, and while I do need rest, I love thedays when I"m able to workout.

When it comes to my body im most proud of my:

Glutes! I am very strong and am able to squat a lot of weight. Plus, big glutes help with my sprinting!

My greatest accomplishment overall is:

Opening and running a successful training business where I help others improve their health and reach their goals.

My guilty pleasure:

Hmmmm....I can't think of one!

The best advice I can give is:

ALL things are possible.

My favorite sports clothing brand:

Under Armour

My favorite workout music:

Hip Hop

My favorite reads:

Anything that helps me learn more about physiology, nutrition, and the mind/body connection.

My favorite movies and TV shows:

Smallville, Transformers, The Matrix

Favorite saying:

Believe it and you can achieve it!

I am certified in:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist; AFAA Group Exercise Instructor

About me:

I compete in figure competitions as well as track and field meets (I run the 100 and 200m dash and am learning how to pole vault). I just published a book which will be available on my website This summer, I will be playing the lead role in an independent film and have a few more potential roles later in the year. I am one of the new sponsored athletes of Magnum Nutraceuticals. Finally, I teach Exercise Science and Nutrition at Bryan College in Sacramento, CA.

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