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Share Your Knowledge Competition

Be rewarded for all your great finds! Now just for linking 30 awesome stories to Fit Junction, you can win a cool 100 bucks...just like that! Whats best is that they dont even have to be your stories. They could be any interesting videos or articles you have found surfing the web. So what are you waiting for. Start sharing for a chance to win.


The Rules
-         You must link at least 50 articles(video or text) by 30th of September 2013. 
-    There is no need to register for the contest. You will automatically be entered as long as you share links to 50 articles or videos on Fit Junction
-     The links you share must be approved and published by the Fit Junction team to qualify as valid entries
-         The prize money of 100 U.S dollars will be paid out to the individual whose stories the Fit Junction team finds the most interesting and value adding
-         If you currently have videos posted on YouTube, you can share them on this site and they will also qualify as valid article submissions
-         The winner will be notified by the 15th of October 2012. 
-         If you write a story directly on Fit Junction then you must not submit anyone else’s copyrighted work as work done by you. This is in violation of our terms of use. Members found doing this will be disqualified.
-         Any article that is in violation of terms of use will not be accepted as a valid entry.
-         The prize money will be paid out by Paypal or Western Union money transfer service
-         To be eligible you must be over 18
-         This competition is not restricted by location. Members from all countries are eligible to participate.
-     Fit Junction employees, affiliates and members who have received money for their services from Fit Junction, may not take part in this competition
Additional terms and amendments
We advise you to regularly check this section to view any additions and amendments to the rules of this competition





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